Energize product planning with FigJam

Building great products starts with a planning process that leads to consensus, not chaos. Learn how FigJam, the online whiteboard for teams, makes planning more inclusive, productive, and fun.

Quarterly Planning TemplateQuarterly Planning Template

Get leaders talking about your roadmap

Yuhki Yamashita, VP of Product, holds roadmap reviews in FigJam to guide company leaders through the team’s thinking, draw out feedback, and drive alignment.

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Bring more voices into planning

Emily Lin, Product Manager, gets more perspectives on which opportunities to pursue and builds buy-in with a cross-functional planning brainstorm.

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Reflect on the previous quarter together

Before making future plans, the Figma team celebrates wins and surfaces opportunities to improve with a team retrospective. Laura Pang, Software Engineer, shows you how.

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Build a timeline that flexes with your team

Eli Fitch, Software Engineering Manager, visualizes who’s doing what and when with a product roadmap timeline that’s easy to move around as plans change.

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Plan a little, play a little

Jillian Smith, Product Marketer, sprinkles a little fun into planning and helps teammates get to know each other on a deeper level with two truths and a lie.

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