Using the Figma Brand

Here at Figma, we love seeing what the community comes up with, whether that’s Community Files and Plugins or helping others in Friends of Figma user groups. However, one facet of trademark law requires that we make sure our brand is being used correctly, and that's where these Guidelines come in. We want to make sure it’s clear when a communication, product or service comes from Figma and when it comes from our amazing community on their own.

Please do:

  • Make it clear you are not affiliated with Figma (e.g., put a disclaimer on your social media page that says “not affiliated with Figma”)
  • Tell people your product, blog, or plugin is “for Figma” or “compatible with Figma”
  • Use the Figma logo in a blog post or news article about Figma

Please don’t:

  • Use the Figma logo in your own logo or icon
  • Use the word Figma in your project, product or domain name (e.g.,
  • Try to make your awesome product or service look like it’s coming from Figma (e.g., by making it look or feel like it’s coming from Figma)
  • Suggest endorsement or sponsorship by Figma
  • Use Figma’s name or logo in your social media accounts
  • Modify the Figma marks or use them in a confusing way, or in a way that confuses Figma with another brand (including your own)
  • Create swag using Figma’s logos

Friends of Figma

Friends of Figma exists so our users can come together to help each other; lifting everyone up. It’s run by the community and everyone is welcome. Please visit to learn more about the Friends of Figma brand.